Usual (Chechen) suspects behind Moscow airport terror?

A suicide blast at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport killed at least 35 and injured up to 180 on Jan. 24. No group has claimed responsibility, but an unidentified law enforcement official told Interfax that three North Caucasus natives have been put on a national wanted list. The official said investigators have linked the men to two suspected female suicide bombers, one of whom died in a largely unnoticed blast in a Moscow sports club on Dec. 31. No one but the woman died in the explosion. The second woman, a 24-year-old native of Chechnya, was arrested earlier this month in Volgograd on suspicion of transporting explosives. Russia’s National Anti-terrorism Committee (NAC) pledges tough new security measures at the country’s airports. (RIA/Novosti, Moscow Times, Jan. 23)

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