Two Brits convicted of Iraq abuse

After a five-week court martial, British solider Lance-Cpl. Mark Cooley, 25, was convicted of feigning punches to a bound prisoner and of tying up another man and hoisting him on a forklift. Cpl. Daniel Kenyon was convicted of aiding and abetting the abuse and failing to report it. Lance-Cpl. Darren Larkin, 30, pleaded guilty earlier to one count of battery after he was shown in a photo standing with both feet on an Iraqi who was tied up on the ground. Cooley and Kenyon face up to two years in prison and Larkin faces up to six months in jail when they are sentenced. In a separate trial in January, Fusilier Gary Bartlam, 20, pleaded guilty to taking photos of several incidents of abuse, including forcing prisoners to simulate sex acts, and to aiding and abetting Cooley in the forklift incident. He was sentenced to 18 months. Bartlam was arrested after he returned to Britain and took his film to be developed. The film lab alerted police. (CBC, Feb. 23)

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