Tibetan exiles march in Nepal as Olympics close

Hundreds of Tibetan exiles Aug. 24 staged a peaceful march in Kathmandu to protest China’s rule in Tibet, coinciding with the concluding ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. There were heavy deployment of riot police in the area, but no arrests were reported. Over 2,000 Tibetans—including women, children, nuns and monks—marched from Buddhanath to Swoyambhu, two of the city’s historic Buddhist stupas. Many recited hymns in memory of those killed in the Chinese repression this year.

In the past, Nepal’s police have unleashed repression against ongoing protests by Tibetan exiles this year, repeatedly carrying out large-scale arrests. Authorities said protesters were not arrested this time as they were holding a peaceful march in a “non-restricted area.” Previous protests have targeted the Chinese embassy. (PTI, Aug. 24)

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