Swiss police clash with Davos protesters

Swiss police clashed with protesters against the World Economic Forum Jan. 31, firing tear gas and arresting 60 in central Geneva after officers were reportedly pelted with bottles and fireworks. Protesters gathered in defiance of a ban imposed by local authorities. Police equipped with a water cannon blocked the planned route of the march, briefly detaining and searching participants.

Protests were also held in Davos, where the WEF is meeting. One group marched through the snow-clad Alpine village, holding a banner reading “You Are The Crisis.” Another group chanting “No to the WEF” threw fake blood on security barriers. (AFP, Jan. 31)

In contrast to the triumphalist tone at recent WEF meets, the theme of this year’s is “Shaping the Post-Crisis World,” with an emphasis on why the markets imploded and what is to be done. Panel topics include: “36 Hours in September: What Went Wrong?” and “The Death of the Washington Consensus.” (Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 29)

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