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Dear Readers:

In our winter fund pitch, we noted the irony that our journalism and commentary this year has won us the epithets of both “ultra-left” and co-opted “gatekeepers”; both “anti-Semites” and part of the “Zionist media.” We always say there’s no greater vindication than getting it from both sides, so we wear this opprobrium like a badge of pride.

But there’s another kind of vindication we need right now: the kind that pays the rent. Producing WW4 REPORT is a full-time job, and if you want us to continue we need your support. We still have $1,685 to go to make our winter fund-raising goal. If all our readers supported us with even a modest donation, we’d be there in no time.

Please send what you can today. Find your category (honestly) on our handy chart:

Minors, indigent and prisoners: FREE
Students, fixed-income and unemployed: $5
Working class Jane/Joe: $10
Professionals with health insurance: $25
Trust-fund rads: $50
Upwardly-mobile liberals: $75
Already-have-it-all liberals: $100
Just plain rich liberals: $200
Filthy rich liberals: $300
Confused Republicans who like us because we’re “anti-government”: $500
Mike Ruppert: $1,000
Michael Moore: $2,000
Barbara Streisand: $5,000
George Clooney: $10,000
Woody Harrelson: $20,000
Paul McCartney: $50,000
Teresa Heinz-Kerry: $75,000
George Soros: $100,000

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Thank you for your support. We can’t do it without you–really.

Bill Weinberg


Dec. 23, 2006