Some settlers push back: Armed Judeo-hippies rush to defend the Gush!!

A short commentary piece in Israel’s largest circulation daily Yediot Aharonot claimed March 10 that armed youth are hitch hiking to Gush Katif, the illegal Jewish settlement bloc in the occupied southern Gaza Strip, where they are being hosted by the local community, sometimes sleeping out, and preparing for confrontation with the army to come. They say they will stop the disengagment with their bodies. No one’s stopping them from entering the Gush bloc. (Of course if they were left activists the area would be declared a "closed military zone" and they wouldn’t be allowed in- WW4). They were wearing batik shirts, sported rasta-locks, and brought thier sleeping bags. They’re hippies, yet they have M16s, Yediot commentator Zeev Tsachor noted with some irony.

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