“Popular Assembly of the State of Puebla” proclaimed

Under the slogan “the struggle of Oaxaca is the struggle of Puebla,” representatives of the Popular People’s Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO) met with local activists in the capital of neighboring Puebla state Nov. 3. Leaders of the Frente Civico Poblano (Pueblan Civic Front), the Movimiento Cholulteca Unido (United Cholutecan Movement), the Asociacion de Comerciantes 28 de Octubre (October 28 Merchants Association) and other groups pledged to join under the umbrella of a “Popular Assembly of the State of Puebla,” to unite social, labor and human rights struggles in their own state. They said the new organization would have up to 40,000 members from its inception. The participating groups have been holding large demonstrations in solidarity with Oaxaca over the past weeks. (APRO, Nov. 3 via Chiapas95)

This marks the third Mexican state following Guerrero and Chiapas to adopt a statewide alliance of popular organization with the aim of establishing parallel power on the model of the APPO.

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