PKK attack Turkish military base

Militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) attacked the Hakkari Dağlıca military base in Turkey's far east with machine guns and mortar shells on the night of June 29. The Turkish military said the assailants fled when soldiers returned fire, and no casualties were reported. (Today's Zaman) That same day, the Turkish military clashed with Kurdish villagers in Roboski, also in the country's southeast near the border with Iraq and Syria. At least two villagers were wounded in the clashes, which started when local Kurds gathered to protest amassing of Turkish forces in the area. (Revolution News)

The violent incidents came hours after PKK executive committee member Murat Karayilan told the organization's Firat News Agency that if the Turkish National Security Council takes the decision to invade Rojava, the Kurdish zone in northern Syria, it will lead to an internal war throughout Turkey. "If they intervene into Rojava we will make an intervention too and the whole of Turkey will turn into a war zone," he said. (Kurdish Question)