Peru’s García accuses Bolivia of secret pact with Chile in maritime dispute

In comments published in the Chilean daily La Tercera, Peru’s President Alan García accused his Bolivian counterpart of Evo Morales of an “under the table” deal with Chile over the coastline disputed by the three countries. Peru has a case against Chile pending before the World Court over the maritime boundary, and García charged Morales with taking the Chilean position in the dispute: “I imagne that Evo Morales has government-to-government accords with Chile, and this is why he is so respectful. I would say he is obsequious towards Chile… By the evidence, it seems that they have it. This is the only thing that explains why he has such a courteous attitude towards Santiago.” (El Comercio, Lima, Aug. 24)

Denying any deal with Chile, Morales shot back in a sarcastic declaration from the presidential palace in La Paz, accusing the Peruvian leader of scheming against his government in league with Washington: “President Alan García,dear brother, neighbor compañero chabacano [rube]…there is no submission… What there is, is the submission of Alan García to the United States.” (Los Tiempos, Cochabamba, Aug. 25)

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