Peru: leader of Puno protests under police siege in Lima TV station

Walter Aduviri, leader of the Aymara protest movement in Peru’s southern Andean region of Puno, is currently under police siege in the studios of Lima’s Panamericana TV station. Following an interview the morning of June 15 on the program “Buenos Días Peru,” Aduviri was approached by an officer of the Judicial Police, who requested that he follow him. Aduviri—who has been under arrest orders since May 9—declined, and instead returned to the Panamericana studios. Both a large contingent of police and some 60 of Aduviri’s supporters gathered outside, and the stand-off continues at this hour. “I am not detained, but under refuge,” Aduviri told his supporters in a subsequent interview on Panamericana’s Chennel 5. “If I am taken and the population finds out, there will be extreme confrontations, and this we do not want.” (RPP, AFP, Living in Peru, June 15)

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