Peru: Aymara protest leader starts vigil at congress chambers after arrest warrant dropped

Walter Aduviri, leader of the Aymara protest movement in Peru’s conflicted Puno region, on the morning of June 17 left the installations of Lima’s Panamericana TV, where he had spent the last 24 hours holed up under threat of arrest, after authorities agreed not to carry out the warrant against him pending a review. Upon leaving the building, he was met with a tumultuous crowd of his Puneño supporters and the media. After telling reporters that the warrant against him “doesn’t have legal or technical substance, nothing,” he led the crowd to the Congress building, where a protest vigil is currently underway. Aduviri pledged to remain at chambers until he is granted the right to address the Congress over his demands that controversial mining leases in the Puno region be overturned. (La Republica, Lima, June 17)

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