Peru: Apurímac militarized after “narcoterror” attack

Peru is sending a force of 100 national police to what has been declared a zona cocalera (coca-growing zone) in Apurímac region to hunt down suspected Shining Path guerrillas who killed a police commander and wounded an officer in a grenade attack there Nov. 2. Some 30 presumed Senderistas attacked the district police station in Ocobamba, Chincheros province, in what authorities say was an attempt to recover 82 kilos of cocaine which had been confiscated by police some 15 days earlier. Said Interior Minister Luis Alva: “Narcoterrorists always try to show force like this. It’s an area where there are terrorists and drugs traffickers, and this happened because, in the last few days, we’ve been working in the area and seizing drugs.” Several days before the attack, the government said it feared powerful Mexican drug syndicates, including the Sinaloa Cartel, were starting to operate in Peru. (Living in Peru, Reuters, Nov. 2)

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