Palestinian mufti appeals for release of hostages on Iraqi TV

Palestinian mufti appeals for release of Iraq hostages

6 December 2005
05:05 AM
BBC Monitoring Newsfile

Text of report by Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 6 December

Mufti of the Palestinian Territories Ikrimah Sabri appealed on Monday [5 December] for the release of the four kidnapped foreign members of the Christian Peacemaking Team. In statements to the press in the West Bank, Sabri said that the abduction of those four came as a surprise to the Palestinian people, noting their support for the Palestinian causes, especially their protests against the racial segregation wall.

The four members of the Christian Peacemaking Team were kidnapped in Baghdad last week. They are a Briton, an American, and two Canadians, said to be working within the same team in the Palestinian territories.

The non-governmental Peacemaking Team voiced hope that the Saraya Suyuf al-Haq [Brigades of the Swords of Right] will understand the work of the abducted members and the humanitarian side of their mission in Iraq. The team’s spokesman William Biny [name as received] voiced hope that the abductors will realize who our colleagues are and release them.

Source: Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 0600 gmt 6 Dec 05

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  1. The Mufti was on al-Arabiya, on Dec. 1
    Jerusalem Mufti calls for release of four hostages in Iraq
    209 words
    1 December 2005
    04:24 AM
    BBC Monitoring Middle East
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    Text of report by Dubai-based news channel Al-Arabiya TV on 1 December

    Jerusalem Mufti Shaykh Ikrimah Sabri has called on the kidnappers of foreign hostages in Iraq to release them, emphasizing that kidnapping does not serve the cause of liberating the land from the occupier.

    Ikrimah added that the kidnapping of humanitarian organization workers was a practice that went against one’s conscience and the principle of peace, and emphasized that most of them were supporters of the Palestinian cause.

    [Sabri – recording] In principle, we reject the issue of kidnapping. This is an inhumane act. Therefore, we consider the kidnapping of the four individuals – who represent people who call for peace – a violation of humanity and peace. We call on the kidnappers to release them and protect their lives so that they can return safely to their families.

    We do not forget that these hostages were with us in Palestine, supported our just causes, and stood against the separation wall. They have courageous humanitarian and political actions. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of their release and call on the kidnappers not to harm them.

    Source: Al-Arabiya TV, Dubai, in Arabic 0625 gmt 1 Dec 05