Pakistan: democrats rally, Taliban block roads

Tens of thousands of people lined the streets of Lahore to cheer on the suspended chief justice, Iftakhar Mohammed Chaudhry. They threw flowers in the path of his motorcade, and banged drums to welcome him. Addressing a crowd of lawyers outside the city’s High Court building, Chaudhry urged his supporters to continue their fight to protect the country’s independent judiciary. Massive protests have been held almost weekly in major cities across Pakistan since the suspension. Chaudry is appealing his removal, and a judicial panel is reviewing the case. (VOA, May 6) Meanwhile, some 250 masked gunmen calling themselves Taliban set up checkpoints on roads in the Tribal Areas’ Bajaur agency along the Afghan border. The gunmen stopped vehicles, confiscated tape players and cell phones, and warned clean-shaven males to grow beards under threat of “strict action.” (DPA, May 6)

The Taliban would ban cell phones? This almost makes us want to root for them. Almost.

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