NYC: fear on the subways —again

The New York Police Department has beefed up security at the city’s subway and train stations after federal authorities warned of a possible suicide bombing over the Thanksgiving holiday. “Transit passengers in larger metropolitan areas like New York may see an increased security presence in the coming days,” Homeland Security Department spokesman Russ Knocke said. “The increased personnel could include uniformed and plainclothes “behavior detection” officers, federal air marshals, canine teams, and security inspectors.”

FBI and counter-terrorism officials, who declined to be identified, said the agency learned that al-Qaeda militants discussed the bombing plot in September, with New York City’s Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road lines as targets. Based on the “unsubstantiated but plausible” information, the FBI and Homeland Security issued a bulletin Nov. 25 warning of a possible attack. (AHN, Nov. 26)

I know we’re not supposed to talk about this, but the last time there was bomb on the New York subways (in the prelude to the 2004 Republican Convention protests), it turned out to have been planted by a cop.

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