NYC: Al Sharpton does Critical Mass

The Rev. Al Sharpton joined New York City’s monthly Critical Mass bike ride May 30 in another protest over the Sean Bell verdict. “Whether you’re fat or skinny, gay or straight, we are all Sean Bell. We are all riding for justice,” he told the Union Square crowd to enthusiastic applause. Standing beside Sharpton were Bell’s fiancée, Nicole Paultre Bell; his father William, and civil rights attorney Norman Siegel. Sharpton then jumped on a bike and headed west on 14th St., followed by a swarm of fellow riders, NYPD and paparazzi. Bell’s father drew laughter, quipping, “Justice is nice, but I just wanted to see Rev. Al ride a bike.” (Daily News, May 31) Photos online at Gothamist.

See also, “Bike Lanes, Intended for Safety, Become Traffic Battlegrounds” by Colin Moynihan, NYT, May 4

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