Neo-Nazis, anti-fas clash in Warsaw

On Nov. 11, Poland’s Independence Day, the extreme right group National Radical Camp (Oboz Narodowo-Radykalny-ONR) marched in Warsaw, in its second public show of strength this year. ONR also marched in June to commemorate the 1936 anti-Jewish pogrom in Myslenic. Warsaw anti-fascists mobilized to oppose the Independence Day march, launching a 150-strong blockade of the street, with banners reading: “NO PASARAN” and “WARSAW FREE OF FASCISTS.” Police brought out a helicopter and a water gun to break the blockade. Protected by the police, the ONR continued their march on a different route. Nobody was arrested, but police took the ID of the anti-fas surrounded by the cordon. (Centrum Informacji Anarchistycnej-CIA, Nov. 11)

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