“Nazification” of Serbia?

Our comrade Ivo Skoric of BalkansNet.org sends in the following disturbing missive on a growing Serbian neo-Nazi element, at least in cyber-space. This seems historically incongruous, given the usual pro-Russia posture of Serb nationalists (juxtaposed to the pro-German posture of their Croatian nationalist enemies), and the experience of WWII, in which Serbia was occupied (while Croatia was granted “independence” under a Nazi satellite regime). The Chetniks, who contemporary Serb extremists take their tip from, were nationalist guerillas who took up arms to fight the German occupation in 1941 (although there would be instances of Chetnik-Nazi collaboration against the mutual enemy of the communist Partisans). But the Russian neo-fascist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who avidly rooted for the neo-Chetniks in the new Balkan wars of the 1990’s, has apparently forgiven Operation Barbarossa sufficiently to be willing to make common cause with German neo-Nazis, and even the vulgar American Nazi-nostalgist David Duke (as the Southern Poverty Law Center reports).

The B-92 referred to in the second paragraph is Serbia’s opposition radio station, which was repeatedly ordered closed by the Milosevic regime.

Writes Ivo:

Anyone who knows German, or even those who don’t know German but are familiar with the ‘final solution’ rethoric, would understand that ‘endkampf.net‘ must be a Nazi site. What most people would make a mistake is to expect a site written in German.

The site is written in Serbian, however. In cyrillic letters (if you did not configure your browser to display cyrillic you’d see just gibberish). Nevertheless, it is a Nazi site. It prominently features a link to “Internet Serbian Parliament”, which ad says: “If you are banned from B92 forums … this is a place for you.” It starts with a quote from Nietzsche: “The time has come for a final conflict about the domination of the planet: it will be fought in the name of philosophical doctrines brought to their ultimate consequences.” It’s name ‘Konacni Obracun’ (FINAL RECKONING) would fit nicely with similar ultra-right organizations in the U.S. And to globalizationist delight, this german-domained, serbian-written site is registered in – France.

Registrant Contact:
Chrystel Jean, 210 Rue Des Orteaux 34, Paris, FR 75002

Far from being unique, Endkampf is just one of many ultra-right sites dominating the Serbian Internet today. They, not B92, whose listeners and viewers grew old (55% are above age of 40), dominate the views of Serbia’s youth. Please, check the T-Shirt on this youth: http://www.videlo.org/grafika/nbroj.jpg

At least, to the chagrin of a Croatian culture-supremacist, this is European, Western – German, to be correct – influence, not Ottoman, Turkish, and oriental. Serbia, in other words, by adopting classic Nazi ideology, is becoming more a part of the Western Europe than it was so far. And with neo-nazi movements blossoming across the old continent, Serbian right may find itself far from being isolated and ostracized.

Here is some other sites to look at, if you read cyrillic and understand Serbian:

These guys are better organized as a movement – they actually travelled en-masse to Kosovska Mitrovica last March to protect Serbs there from Albanian revenge killings:

There are 19 of them in a “ring” that they all joined within last 2 years.

Have fun contemplating the future of the Balkans….


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