“Muslim civil war” behind London bombings?

A contributor to the TPMCafe blog offers an interesting commentary on the 7-7 attacks:

Muslim Civil War – Second Front

By thibaud

Overlooked by most media outlets (but not by London bloggers) in the Edgware Road and Aldgate bombings is the very interesting fact that all the bombs were set off in or near the most heavily muslim neighborhoods in the UK — or in western Europe, for that matter. One can see why the bombers avoided Gleneagles; as to logical London targets, one could conceivably argue that Whitehall or Westminster are too tough to penetrate for even the most ingenious death cultist.

But why on earth would muslims set off so many bombs in their own mini-capital, as it were?

After all, if your aim is to sow terror in London and disrupt the city’s operations, then surely you’d target the City, where the money guys operate, or– if this is too tough to pull off– the softer target of the tonier West End neighborhoods, home to the luxe retailers and theatres, other tourist establishments and most of the wealthy Londoners, including most of the expat American managers and bankers.

But certainly not Edgware Road! This is where the UK’s first Islamic Bank just opened its main branch. It’s where you go to get any kind of arabic reading material, to organize a muslim demonstration, or to recruit muslims to any cause or mosque or mission. Bombing Edgware to send a message to Blair would be like the IRA bombing Irish workers’ pubs in Hammersmith to send a message during the 1980s to Thatcher. The “anti-Iraq War” explanation makes utterly no sense.

The only theses that do explain why muslims would bomb their own are either:

a) these bombers are completely irrational and have no greater goal than to reprise the 1930s Spanish Fascists’ memorable cry, Viva El Muerte! or

b) the bombers wished to send a very specific message, along with the general message about their ability to create chaos, to the secular and moderate UK muslims who oppose them and reject “Captain Hook” Hamza and the insanity of the whole Islamist death cult.

My vote’s for b). As many others have pointed out, this is now a civil war within the muslim world. Iraq was the first front in the struggle of muslim democrats vs muslim fascists and death cultists. If my theory re the Edgware bombings is correct, Europe is now officially the second front in the worldwide Muslim Civil War.

See our last post on the London attacks, and a related commentary.

For more on “Captain Hook” Hamza, London’s most notorious radical sheikh, see WW4 REPORT #43

  1. An alternative theory (for the very confused)
    Of course the conspiranoiacs at Propaganda Matrix have their own theory as to why a Muslim neighborhood was targeted: because Israel was secretly behind the attack (of course).

    London Bombing: Ex-Mossad Chief Reveals Too Much?

    July 14 2005

    How did ex-Mossad chief Efraim Halevy know that the London bombings were “multiple, simultaneous explosions” when he wrote his warmonger screed for the Jerusalem Post on July 7 — the very same day of the London Bombing?

    Did Halevi reveal too much operational knowledge?

    “The multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place today on the London transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational capacity of considerable scope,” Halevy began.

    Was he decribing an operation with which he was familiar – since it was not widely known that the bombs exploded “simultaneosly”? [Sic]

    Also, It was reported that Israeli officials were ordered not to make public comments on the London Bombing.

    Then there is this troubling quote from Halevi, when he wrote —
    “There was careful planning, intelligence gathering, and a sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution.”

    “Near-perfect execution”?

    How would Halevi know the bombings were executed “near-perfectly,” and not “imperfectly” or “perfectly,” — on the same day of the attacks?

    What were his criteria of “success”?

    Did Halevi know what “perfect” execution should have entailed?

    That comment opens up a Pandora’s Box of possible explanations.

    What does Halevi really know about the London Bombings?

    Sharon obviously didn’t muzzle Halevi in time.

    The conspiranoiacs are really grasping at straws this time. The whole world knew from the very first media accounts that the attacks were “multiple, simultaneous.” But of course, when you treat your conspiracy theory as an a priori assumption, every fact is interpreted to vindicate it, and countervailing evidence is simply ignored.