Mine protesters attacked in San Luis Potosí

Late at night on April 5, a permenant protest vigil (plantón) outside the government palace in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, was attacked without warning and borken up by the state police. The vigil, organized by the San Luis Potosí State Front of Social Movements and Organizations (FEMOS) had been ongoing for several days to demand a halt of mining operations by the company Mineria San Xavier. Pedro Rebolloso and several other protest leaders were arrested on what the organizers call false charges. (Colectivo Nuevo Huachichil via Enlace Zapatista, April 11; La Jornada San Luis, April 6) On April 15, some 30 organizations joined for a “mega-march” in the state capital to demand the release of the prisoners and a halt to the mining operations. (La Jornada San Luis, April 16)

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