Mexico: Tamaulipas terror still escalating

Violence continues to escalate in the conflicted northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas. On Sept. 3, at least 25 were killed as soldiers stormed a training camp allegedly set up by Los Zetas in Ciudad Mier. It is still unclear if there were soldiers among the dead. That same day, another five presumed Zetas were killed in a highway shoot-out with soldiers in neighboring Nuevo León state. (AlJazeera, AP, Sept. 3) On Aug. 28, three grenade attacks on military and police checkpoints in the cities of Reynosa and Tampico left a total of 25 wounded—three gravely, including two members of the Tampico police force. The attacks in Reynosa prompted the closure of the Hidalgo Bridge that links the border town with McAllen, Tex. A grenade attack was also reported in Monterrey, capital of Nuevo León. (Crónica de Hoy, Aug. 30; La Jornada, Aug. 29)

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