Mexico: another mayor assassinated

Priciliano Rodríguez Salinas, mayor of Doctor González, a town outside Monterrey, Nuevo León, was shot to death Sept. 23. A group of armed men intercepted the PRI-affiliated mayor as he was arriving at his home near city hall. A companion who was with him in the vehicle was also killed. (Poder 360, Sept. 24)

On Sept. 20, Mexican federal police announced the arrest of a high-ranking state police officer in neighboring Tamaulipas state. Pedro Hernández Quiroga AKA “El Polaris” was an officer of the Tamaulipas Ministerial Police for the town of Jiménez, and was arrested in Tampico. Two other men thought to be his accomplices were also arrested, including a Guatemalan national. The men were turned over to SIEDO, the Mexican Prosecutor General’s Special Office for Organized Crime. (Brownsville Herald, Sept. 22; El Universal, Sept. 20)

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