Mexican singer gunned down hours after denying his own murder

Mexican singer Sergio Vega AKA “El Shaka” was shot dead June 27—only hours after he had issued a statement denying reports that he had been murdered. Vega was on his way to a concert in Alhuey, Sinaloa, when gunmen opened fire on his red Cadillac as it passed through the pueblo of Barobampo. “It’s happened to me for years now, someone tells a radio station or a newspaper I’ve been killed, or suffered an accident,” Vega told entertainment website La Oreja hours before his death. (El Debate, Mazatlán, June 27; BBC News, CBS News, June 28)

Last September, Vega was briefly detained and questioned by the federal Special Investigative Sub-prosecutor on Organized Crime (SIEDO) at the Mexico City airport on suspicion of ties to the Gulf Cartel. (Milenio, Sept. 20, 2009)

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