Mexican radio journalist assassinated in Jalisco

After missing work for several days, José Emilio Galindo Robles, the regional director for Radio Universidad de Guadalajara in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, was found dead inside his home Nov. 23, Milenio reports. Authorities have given little information about the case but have confirmed that the journalist was killed. A motive had not been confirmed.

Galindo, 43, known as “Pepe Galindo,” had experience as a reporter and researcher of environmental topics, especially environmental legislation. He won the Second Biennial of Latin American Radio for a report about political crimes in Mexico, El Informador adds. In 2004 he won first prize in the Biennial of National Radio for a report about pollution of the Santiago River caused by private companies, Proceso says. (Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Nov. 25)

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