Libya: NATO bombs civilian village?

The Tripoli regime on Aug. 9 accused NATO of killing 85 of civilians, including several children, in an air attack on a village in western Libya. The remote village Majar, lies south of the town of Zlitan, on a ridge overlooking the rebel-held city of Misrata. A BBC correspondent reports that he saw about 30 body bags at a local hospital, but it was unclear how the people died. NATIO says the target was a military one, with civilian deaths unlikely. “NATO had very clear intelligence demonstrating that former farm buildings were being used as a staging point for pro-Gaddafi forces to conduct attacks against the people of Libya,” the alliance said in a statement. “We do not have evidence of civilian casualties at this stage, although military casualties, including mercenaries, are very likely owing to the nature of the target.” (The Telegraph, VOA, BBC News, Aug. 9)

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