Jews, Arabs clash in Acre on Yom Kippur

Cars and stores were damaged as Jews and Arabs clashed in the Israeli city of Acre after an Arab man was assaulted for driving during Yom Kippur Oct. 9. The violence erupted around midnight, several hours after Jews began marking the Day of Atonement, when Israel comes to a virtual standstill. A group of Jewish youths assaulted an Arab man in his car, sparking rioting that resulted in extensive damage to dozens of cars and shops.

About one third of Acre’s population of nearly 50,000 residents are Arab. Arab MPs have for years asked security forces to prevent Jews from stoning cars driven by Arabs on Yom Kippur. One of them, Abbas Zkoor, said such attacks occurred frequently. “Despite numerous complaints filed in police stations, officers were not sent to disperse the racist gatherings,” Zkoor said. He called on religious authorities to condemn such attacks, which he said “surely contravenes the basic principles of the Jewish religion.” (Middle East Online, Oct. 9)

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  1. Arabism = Racism
    Main vicrtims of the Arab racism virus worldwide include:
    Kurds (under Saddam and in current/past Syria’s oppressive regimes), Berbers, Jews (insider Israel or in Europe on ‘Arab strett’, etc.), Africans (Sudan – genocide, Mauritania, etc.), Persians (mainly by Saddam).

    1. Zionism = Racism too
      Since you are so concerned for the rights and dignity of Kurds, Berbers, Jews, Black Africans and Persians suffering under Arabism, we assume you are equally concerned for the rights and dignity of Palestinians under Zionism. We assume.

      1. Arabism’s racism branding Jews’ fight for survival as “racism”
        The LIE that self determintaion (AKA Zionism) is supposedly “racism” was “created” by Arab Muslim bigotry’s war against the Jews (that strated [long before the despicable excuses of so called “occupation”] in the 1920’s with Hitler’s buddy the Arab Muslim Mufti al-husseini with the declrations of: “Itbach all Yahud”, kill the Jews wherever you find them) to eradicate this minority fromn the middle east.
        Artabism is racism and Islamism is bigotry.

        What does the war on Arab “palestinian” terrorists have to do with “racism”?

        Actually it’s quite racist to brand Israelis’ fight for survival as “racism”.

        Arab “palestinians” or Islamic Hezbollah or Islamic Iran have declared openly that the want to “wipe the Jews off”, Israel fights against bigoted genocide!

        1. What, no racism here
          You put “palestinians” in quotes and the lower case to diminish them and imply they don’t really exist (the favorite trick of anti-Semites, by the way), and then accuse others of racism. You guys are too funny.

          1. Arab immigrants SETTLERS & the bigotry by Islamo Arab Goliath
            The Arab immigrants SETTLERS into the historic land of the Jews Israel/palestine have adopted the name “palestinians’ in the 1960’s for a political purpose, the racism comes from the Arab Muslim gigantic bloc that can’t let themselves recognize the Jewish minority in the M.E. having their own rule and not being ruled by vicious Arabian tyranny.
            Furthermoe, most Arabs demonize ALL Jews (not just the “zionists”), even the most moderate Arab nation such as Jordan had a 100% (!!!) unfavorable view of (any) Jews (google search PEW’s finding).

            The Goliath Islamo Arab that dictates UN & EU policies, the Arab oil that has its power even on neocons such as Bush, Why else do you think was Bush so concern to give to the “palestinians” a GIFT of a state (which they never had in history, or any Arab-sovereign-nationhood in Israel – for that matter)?

            1. Hey, I’ve got an idea
              Go get your own blog, and scribble transparent revisionist garbage to your heart’s content. The Palestinians are the indigenous people of Palestine. The Jews are the settlers. If you wish to be a part of the infinitesimal minority of people on the planet who are in denial about that, I can’t stop you. But I have no responsibility to provide a forum for your disingenuous if overheated rhetoric, Mr. Anonymous. So hasta la vista, baby. Get it?

              1. “indigenous” who? the Arab “palestinian” immigrants?
                Mark Twain was noright wing jewish zionist” when he said with all honestly that at that time the Israel area (‘palestine’) was almost all vacant!
                Stil you haven’t answered the question how you connect Israel’s war on survival with “racism”.
                And just what do you think mainstream “palestinian” Muslims have in store for a liberal Jew, did it really help Daniel Pearl (in Afghanistan) being a liberal or for Tom Fox being a pacifist anti-war activist in Iraq, or the lefty pro-palestinian Kibbutz “NETZER’ where kids were massacred in their bed by Arafat’s people?

                1. Can’t you take a hint?
                  What part of “go get your own blog” didn’t you understand?

                  The word Twain used was “desolate”, not “vacant.” He was refering to the landscape. How cute that you are always sure to put Palestinian in quotes, but you couldn’t be bothered to quote Twain.

                  I’m sorry, I must have missed something. I didn’t hear that Daniel Pearl was killed by Palestinians (much less “mainstream” ones). The Palestinians have no shortage of Israeli atrocities to wave around, if you haven’t noticed.

                  To answer your “question”: Israel is a colonizing power, illegally occupying the land of a subject people and holding them in apartheid-like conditions. Duh.

                  Now, have a nice life.

                  1. let’s be specific
                    > Israel is a colonizing power, illegally occupying the land of a subject people and holding them in apartheid-like conditions.

                    What land do you mean? The entire disputed territory, including all of Israel? This blog seems literate enough to acknowledge that the early Zionist settlers did reclaim some of the land from desolation. It also must be pointed out that in a war people take sides. The Arabs of the Palestinian mandate universally chose the losing side in World War II. To claim that the state of Israel has no right to exist is unneeded extremism. This doesn’t justify current Israeli actions in the occupied territories which can certainly be labeled apartheid. But it’s unproductive to view the racial movement of peoples that occurred between 1949 and 1967 as being exclusively victimized Arabs losing their land.

                    Also, as far as I can tell, the use of the word Palestinian stems from after the 1967 war, which makes it no less accurate but in the context is worth pointing out.

                    To any sane person the murderers of Daniel Pearl had as much to do with human rights in Palestine as the napalmers of Cambodia had to do with Solidarity. If this blog, or the above posting extremist, is interested check to hear some sane voices.

                    Just so you know. I am not the above poster and I have my own blog.

                    1. Bitter Lemons?
                      Nobody here said that Israel has no right to exist. When we refer to the Occupied Territories we mean the West Bank and Gaza (the latter still beseiged by Israel despite the 2005 withdrawal). Although the rights of the substantial Arab minority in Israel proper is also a critical issue, as is that of the Palestinian refugees who lost their homes there, and their descendants.

                      The “racial [?] movement of peoples” between 1948 and 1967 was overwhelmingly characterized by displacement of indigenous Arabs by Jewish settlers.

                      It is not true that Palestinians “universally” chose the losing side in World War II. There was a Palestinian Arab brigade that fought for the British. You do not bolster your already anemic case through inaccurate overstatement.

                      The word Palestinian did come into common use after 1967, when the national movement emerged. That fact does not nothing to delegitimize it.

                    2. not as simple as that
                      > Nobody here said that Israel has no right to exist. When we refer to the Occupied Territories we mean the West Bank and Gaza (the latter still beseiged by Israel despite the 2005 withdrawal).

                      That’s the clarification I was looking for.

                      > The “racial [?] movement of peoples” between 1948 and 1967 was overwhelmingly characterized by displacement of indigenous Arabs by Jewish settlers.

                      So you remove from your mathematics the Jews that lost their homes, land and businesses in the Arab countries as a direct result of 1948? If so your ‘overwhelmingly’ makes sense. By 1967 the majority of Israeli Jews had been expelled (or left ‘voluntarily’) from the Arab countries.

                      > It is not true that Palestinians “universally” chose the losing side in World War II.

                      You are correct. I’d change that to ‘overwhelmingly’. Your cherry picking of history is standard for leftist apologists.

                      >The word Palestinian did come into common use after 1967, when the national movement emerged. That fact does not nothing to delegitimize it.

                      Both of which points I made in my original post.

                    3. Accuracy counts. Now go away.
                      I thought we meant the “racial [?] movement of peoples” within Palestine. We have noted elsewhere Israel’s political exploitation of the Jews who fled Arab countries after 1948. It should also be pointed out that Israel’s Mizrahim (while second-class citizens between the first-class Ashkenazim and third-class Arabs) are well integrated in Israel and have no particular desire to return to Yemen and Morocco—while the displaced Palestinians and their offspring remain in overcrowded refugee camps, and have an intense desire to recover their homes.

                      I am not “cherry-picking” my history. I am correcting your lies (or, to be perhaps too generous, errors).

                    4. Hi Bill, Spoken like a true
                      Hi Bill, Spoken like a true Arab propagandist or a neo nazi that wants to wishwash racism with pointing at Israel and PAINTING every ‘conflict’ as “race” issues?

                      Claiming that second class Sfardim is “racism”? class-ism maybe, since when are Ashkenazim or Sfardim a “race”???

                      Did you stop and think that different cultures & mentality between them are just that, DIFFERENT?

                      As to preferrential treatment by Israeli courts for Arabs OVER Jews, i’ts well documented (so is the “affirmative action” issue on Israel universities to prefer Arabs over Jews), I don’t deny that there are some mistreatment of Arabs as well, then again there many mistreament of Israeli Jews in favor of Arabs, in housing or in other cases.
                      Do Arabs in Israel have more rights than Jews? some say yes, since they don’t serve in Israel’s army, yet have all rights assigned to any Israelis.
                      Do Israelis have a right to be wary of Israeli Arabs since every terror attack (that targets Jews out of ARAB RACISM!!!) is assisted by Arabs inside Israel? you answer this.

                      Getting back to the main issue, yes I agree with annonymous that the BIGGER picture is the Arab racism against Israel or radical Islam’s intolerance, it is most exploding when these 2 bigotries combine into the Arab Muslim world (aka by Arabs who are also Muslims) seeking its distruction ever since, the “treatment” or “mistreamtnt” of both: Arabs or of Jews inside Israel is a secondary issue.

                    5. What part of “go away” didn’t you understand?
                      Excuse me, you invoked the “racial movement of peoples,” and I interjected an “[?]” to dissent from this questionable construction. But since you brought it up, yes of course the second-class status of the Mizrahim is racism. Those of European descent (the Ashkenazim) are on top of the social pyramid. Does this sound familiar?

                      Israel is the self-proclaimed “Jewish state,” so non-Jews within its borders are by definition third-class citizens (after the Mizrahim). The Bedouin can probably be considered fourth-class citizens. Their economic marginalization, the declaration of their villages as “illegal,” the theft of their lands more than compensate for their exclusion from military service.

                      You totally deligitimize yourself when you Nazi-bait me. Since you said you have your own blog, why don’t you go diss me there and stop cluttering up mine. Thank you.

                    6. different poster same thread
                      First, I’m anonymous, not Georgia and I brought up “racial movement of peoples,”
                      Unclear what else you would call the expulsion of the Jews after 1949. Yes I have my own blog and you’ve set your comments to approval so if you feel this is clutter don’t post it.

                      You claim I am lying but about about what? You were correct that Arabs did not universally root for the Nazi war machine. I figured that could be changed to overwhelmingly. I’ll admit the difference. So because the expelled Jews were ‘exploited’ politically they have no rights to the property, land or lifestyles that they were driven from? Some went from living middle class, while under extreme racial (apartheid?) laws, to living a life of poverty at least initially in Israel which was not in the best financial shape in the first few decades. The Palestinians have remained for generations in overcrowded refugee camps.

                      Care to list the fascist Arab states that have exploited them politically? The difference is the Israelis took care of their refugees and the Arabs left the Palestinians there to continue the conflict. Or maybe the Saudi and Egyptian humanitarian airlifts have been erased by Zionist propaganda. So the 3 million plus Jews that ended up in Israel from the Arab countries by 1967 should have gone where? Unlike Georgia I do not think you are an Arab propagandist or neo nazi, though I don’t follow your blog so I may be wrong. I think you take the typical western lefty apologist bad Zionist bad Israel bad military industrial complex and see the Palestinians as being a tragic oppressed peoples. And there’s an element of truth in that, but promoting the history as one sided Zionist oppression is not acurate and not productive.
                      I pointed you at bitterlemons. I suspect you only read your own blog but if not go see what the progressives who actually have to live this conflict are trying to do about it.

                    7. Same acerbic editor
                      We have a policy against censoring posts unless they cross the line into hate speech. Your screeds fall just short of that line. I will, however, tell you your comments are tiresome and not welcome.

                      I never said the expelled Jews “have no rights” to recover lost land and property. Only that it does not seem to be an issue for the overwhelming majority of them. They have been integrated into Israeli society (even if as second-class citizens), while the Palestinian refugees and their offspring remain in overcrowded camps. Of course the Arab states have exploited the Palestinians, nobody said otherwise.

                      There are no “fascist” Arab states. Not every ugly nationalist regime is “fascist.” I object to the kneejerk leftists who call Zionism “fascism,” and I object to the kneejerk Zionists who call Arab nationalism “fascism.”

                      If you “suspect I only read my own blog” you’ve obviously paid no attention to what we are doing here. Every story is linked to other sources, usually multiple sources.

                      Please go away.

  2. Arab racism against Jews inside Israel: Arabs’ rampage in Acre
    Arab racism against Jews inside Israel: Arabs’ rampage in Acre

    [Oct 2008]…

    the violence continued as Arabs heading back to their neighborhoods ran riot through Jewish areas of the city. Calling “Death to the Jews” and Allah hu akbar (“Allah is great“), the rioters vandalized hundreds of Jewish-owned shops and vehicles, and threw rocks at people on their way to or from Yom Kippur prayers.

    Police arrest Acre Yom Kippur driver… Police on Monday arrested 48 year-old Jamal Taufik, the driver who entered Jewish east Acre on the evening of Yom Kippur and who is blamed by police for sparking a provocation that deteriorated into several nights of racial violence and rioting.