Jailhouse massacre in Philippines

Twenty-two imprisoned militants of the Abu Sayyaf group and at least 17 others are dead in the Philippines, 24 hours after they launched a rebellion at Camp Bagong Diwa maximum security prison at in Taguig City. The dead are said to include three top Abu Sayyaf leaders, Alhamser Limbong (alias Kumander Kosovo); Ghalib Andang (Kumander Robot); and Nadjmi Sabdula (Kumander Global). Authorities reporteldy gave the militants a non-extendable 15-minute deadline to lay down their weapons and surrender before launching the assualt. Three prison guards and two Abu Sayyaf militants were also killed the previous day, when the militants overpowered the guards and began the revolt. (Philippine Star News Service, Zamboanga Sun-Star, March 15)

US troops have already been in combat with Abu Sayyaf. Se WW4 REPORT #s 74 & 39