Italy: prisons in revolt over COVID-19 restrictions

Italy prison revolt

A total of 12 inmates have been killed in prison riots across Italy, triggered by emergency restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The riots began March 8 in response to regulation┬áchanges that include┬áthe suspension of family visits. Uprisings have been reported from the facilities at┬áModena, near Bologna;┬áRieti, outside Rome;┬áPoggioreale in┬áNaples; Foggia in Apulia; and Palermo, Sicily. In Modena’s Santa Ana prison, fires were started and guards taken hostage. Soldiers and Carabinieri surrounded┬áthe facility to prevent inmates from escaping. Relatives of the inmates have also staged demonstrations outside the prisons. Protests and riots have been reported at a total of 27 prisons across Italy.

The travel restrictions, initially imposed in Italy’s north, have now been extended nationwide.┬áOn March 10, the government revealed that 168 people had died in a single day as 10,000 people are now confirmed to have contracted the virus. (EuroNews, Al Jazeera)

Image: Anarchists Worldwide