Italy: prisons in revolt over COVID-19 restrictions

Italy prison revolt

A total of 12 inmates have been killed in prison riots across Italy, triggered by emergency restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The riots began March 8 in response to regulationĀ changes that includeĀ the suspension of family visits. Uprisings have been reported from the facilities atĀ Modena, near Bologna;Ā Rieti, outside Rome;Ā Poggioreale inĀ Naples; Foggia in Apulia; and Palermo, Sicily. In Modena’s Santa Ana prison, fires were started and guards taken hostage. Soldiers and Carabinieri surroundedĀ the facility to prevent inmates from escaping. Relatives of the inmates have also staged demonstrations outside the prisons. Protests and riots have been reported at a total of 27 prisons across Italy.

The travel restrictions, initially imposed in Italy’s north, have now been extended nationwide.Ā On March 10, the government revealed that 168 people had died in a single day as 10,000 people are now confirmed to have contracted the virus. (EuroNews, Al Jazeera)

Image: Anarchists Worldwide