Israel re-occupies Nablus, re-imposes siege, curfew

Israeli forces re-occupied Nablus Feb. 28 less than a day after withdrawing from the West Bank city. From the afternoon of Feb. 25 to the morning of Feb. 27, Israeli forces imposed a curfew, destroyed ancient structures in the Old City, and killed a man, while searching houses, holding scores of families at gunpoint in single rooms in their own homes. On the morning of the 28th, Israeli forces returned to the heart of Nablus in a convoy of some 100 military vehicles, announcing through loudspeakers that the curfew was again imposed. Israeli forces occupied Rafidiya Hospital, conducting searches of the patients, as they did in the first two days of the operation dubbed “Winter Heat.” They then continued going house-to-house, searching for men on a “wanted” list accused of collaborating with Islamic Jihad. Dozens of Palestinian residents are being held at a makeshift prison in a school outside the Old City. (Palestine News Network, Press TV, Iran, Feb. 28).

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