Iraq civil resistance responds to Cindy Sheehan

From the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), June 3:

Cindy: Do not say good-bye
The U.S. needs you, not the criminals and thieves

Dear Sister Cindy Sheehan, Greetings…

I have read your article (“Good-bye America… you are not the country that I love anymore”), in which you declared resignation and your plan to stay away from the arena of struggle against war and the occupation of Iraq.

We met twice, the first time in Washington during the “Eyes Wide Open” event in May 2006 and the second time in December 2007 at the US Labor Against the War (USLAW) rally. On both occasions, we supported and emboldened each other, and pledged each other to continue the struggle for humanity in the United States of America and Iraq, in order not to repeat the tragedy of yours and thousands of other mothers in the U.S. and Iraq. Retreating at this particular time means that the U.S. Administration and the blood-sucking corporations are victorious in this battle. The U.S. Administration today is suffering under the blows of the anti-war movement in your country where you are one of its leaders, figures and symbols. How can you proclaim today the withdrawal from this battle in which our victory will benefit mankind not only in the United States of America, but in Iraq and all over the world?

Dear Cindy…think about us in Iraq. What can we say about ourselves? The occupation forces are committing hundreds of crimes every day. They arrest, torture, indiscriminately kill, destroy, burn houses, rape and unleash gangs and thieves as long as they are not in their way. Think about us when we witness dozens of young people as young as your son Casey’s age being abducted. What can we say when they steal the smile and joy from the eyes of our children and displace millions of our families? What can we say when they try to take our hope away from us every day? Despite all those calamities and difficulties created by these forces, we have decided to continue our struggle to end the occupation. As I pointed out in my speech when we were together in the mentioned conference, we have no choice; either ascend to the highest hills and watch how the fire expands and ravages large areas or carry on the struggle to save humanity in Iraq and the United States.

Dear Cindy Sheehan…our front is one, our enemy is one and we have a common destiny. Do not let the criminals and thieves put you down. Let’s hold hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder and continue our struggle. The USA needs you. America does not change spontaneously, as noted in your article. America changes only with the efforts of civilized people in the United States and strengthening the anti-war movement.

Bush, Dick Cheney and Rice remain in power and that means more mass killing and barbarous acts.

Let us work together to bring them down and bring back the U.S. you always liked.

Samir Adil

President of the Iraq Freedom Congress

May 20, 2007

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