Iraq civil resistance headquarters raided by US troops

From the Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC), Feb. 12:

Once Again US Troops Desperately Attempt to Suppress the Voice of Freedom in Iraq
The occupying troops have made another attempt to eliminate the voice of freedom from Iraq by raiding the IFC headquarters in Baghdad today at 2:00 AM, when they forced themselves in, verbally and physically assaulted the guards and stood them out in the rain for several hours.

It is understood from the many previous incidents that these attempts are not to look for weapons or investigations regarding terrorist activities; but in fact they are to intimidate and eliminate any voice that objects the occupation and its puppets.

Ever since the formation of IFC, which has been always the voice of liberty in Iraq, the establishment of its Safety Force that was able to prevent crimes in the area where it operates, and the launch of the satellite TV [station], the occupying troops has never been at ease.

Furthermore the occupying troops believe that carrying out such actions will further their cause and break the will of the people; however they always forget that such actions will only increase our determination and empower our will to advance our struggle to expedite the end of the occupation.

IFC declares that such poor actions will not tremble us or back us away from the struggle; but we will continue our pace until the final victory.

Amjad Al-Jawhary
Iraq Freedom Congress Media Centre

February 12, 2008

Working For a Democratic, Secular and Progressive Alternative to both the US Occupation and Political Islam in Iraq

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