Iraq: arrests in killing of Sana TV reporter

A statement from the Iraq Freedom Congress, June 7:

IFC Members Find and Arrest the Killers of Dr. Mohammed Jassim, Sana TV Program Director

In coordination with IFC safety force and police, the leadership of Iraq Freedom Congress (Wasit Chapter 180 km south East of Baghdad) was able to arrest the two criminals who carried out the assassination of Dr. Mohammed Jassim on June 2, 2008.

Dr. Jassem was known for being an active IFC member and program director of Sana TV (IFC official satellite TV).

The criminals (Adib Obeid Rad and Haidar badr) admitted their heinous action and confessed that they were assisted by Iranian agents (who were killed recently by other unknown gunmen) to commit their crime.

It is worth mentioning that after news spread out about the arrest of these criminals; a large number of people contacted IFC office in Wasit and provided information and material evidences on the acts of these criminals such as relations with the Iranian intelligence, how funds and weapons were made accessible to them and their relations with terrorist networks.

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Iraq Freedom Congress
June 7, 2008

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