Iran: seven dead as protests escalate

As Iran’s embattled President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Russia June 16, Iranian state radio reported that seven people were killed in clashes overnight, escalating tensions after days of unprecedented demonstrations that have forced a formal review of elections results. The reports said the deaths came after “thugs” attacked a military post. (NYT, BBC News, June 17) Our correspondent in Tehran says: “At the end of non-violent rally which is called illegal by officials (in spite of lots of attempts to get permission from competent authorities), Basij started to shoot at people from northwestern corner of Azadi square.”

Our source also informs us that several students were injured and arrested as police raided and ransacked dormitories at the University of Tehran following clashes on campus.

Photos are online at Zamaaneh and

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  1. Statement from Iranian protesters
    Received via e-mail, June 14:

    In Condemnation of Electoral Fraud
    We, Iranians around the world, protest the coup underway in Iran following the undemocratic presidential election. Despite the unprecedented turnout of voters in this election and the polls published before and during the election, according to the national media in Iran, reformist candidates have been defeated. The announcement of results by the Ministry of the Interior clearly shows that in the election officials have not even bothered to try to cover up their tampering with the votes and have managed to manipulate the election to their own advantage.

    Under the current circumstances, a full-fledged coup is underway in Iran. All means of communications including the Internet, mobile phones and text messaging have been severely restricted. It is under these extraordinary conditions that we, in solidarity with the Iranian people, protest the results of this fraudulent election. We urge the international community to hear the voices of the Iranian people, whose votes do not count and whose youth is assaulted.

    The following is the list of our demands:

    1. The annulment of the results of the 10th presidential election in Iran and a new round of elections with the presence of all candidates’ representatives at all the stages of the election.
    2. The release of all political prisoners including the political leaders and prominent figures of the reformist movement that have recently been detained.
    3. Cessation of repression of those demonstrating over the election results.
    4. The international community, governments and heads of state must refuse recognition to Ahmadinejad as the elected president of the Iranian people.