Iran: Revolutionary Guard brass killed in air crash

OK, was the CIA behind this one? Pretty convenient timing, just as Iran has removed International Atomic Energy Agency seals on from three nuclear production facilities at Natanz, Pars Trash and Farayand Tec—announcing a resumption of uranium enrichment activities in defiance of the West. (IranMania, Jan. 13)

LONDON, January 10 (IranMania) – Commander of Islamic Republic Guard Corps (IRGC), while condoling with the 12th Imam, the Supreme Leader of Revolution, and martyrs families, elaborated on nature of plane crash that claimed 11 of IRGC top brass commanders, according to IRNA.

Several top brass in Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards were among 11 people martyred in a military plane crash in the northwest of the country on Monday, the second such deadly incident in barely a month, IRNA said.

The plane came down near Orumiyeh in a mountainous region of northwestern Iran after the pilot lost control following landing gear problems, and all 11 people aboard were killed, officials said.

Brigadier General Yahya Rahim Safavi said at a press conference on Monday evening, “The IRGC Air Force Falcon, a two-engine jet, piloted by the Commander of the IRGC’s Qadr Air Base, Brigadier General Karvandi was heading for Orumiyeh from Tehran on a mission, when near Orumiyeh Airport he informed the control tower that the plane’s wheels would not open.”

He added, “The plane’s pilot then asked the control tower permission for return and before getting far from the airport he contacted the control tower again to inform that the plane’s both engines, too, had gone off.”

Brigadier General Safavi added, “That was the last dialogue between the crashed plane and the control tower, after which the IRGC Falcon crashed in a garden.”

On possibility of sabotage leading to the disaster, the IRGC Commander said, “We do not think so presently, unless the team of technicians surveying the issue would opine otherwise.”

He added, “The IRGC Air Force, equipped with an air fleet comprised of over 200 planes and helicopters, has always observed highest level of technical maintenance and international standards severely and painstakingly.”

He then gave biographies of some of the Monday plane crash martyrs, including Brigadier General Ahmad Kazemi, the IRGC Land Force Commander, whom he said was among the first guards that joined the IRGC back in 1980 (a year after the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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