Iran: civil opposition rejects US aggression

A statement from the Organization of Women’s Liberation in Iran (OWLI):

Azar Majedi in a round table discussion with BBC Radio Scotland:
Military attack on Iran is a human and environmental tragedy in the region!

On 25 February 2007, Azar Majedi, the Chairperson of Organisation for Women’s Liberation, took part in a round table discussion with BBC Radio Scotland Sunday Live programme, about the possible military attack on Iran by USA. The other participant was Mr. Douglas Mary, supporter of New Conservatism and Mr. Bush.

Azar Majedi condemned the attack against Iran and emphasized that such attack will be a tragic human and environmental tragedy, not only in Iran but in the whole of the region. In response to Douglas Mary’s statement that nuclear bomb in the hands of Ahmadinejad is dangerous, Azar said nobody knows better than us what an evil monster the Islamic Republic is, and that if it is equipped with nuclear bomb it will be even more monstrous. However, Azar added, we should not forget that USA is the only country that has actually used nuclear bomb and that Bush with nuclear weapons is as dangerous as Ahmadinejad.

How can Islamic Republic be stopped from developing nuclear bomb? That was one of the questions. In response, Azar emphasized that military attack is not the solution. People in Iran despise the regime and want to overthrow it. People’s struggle must be supported.

Discussing the situation in Iraq, Azar Majedi said US military attack has created a dark nightmare and a burning hell in Iraq, and has facilitated attacks by Islamic terrorism against the people. She emphasized that an attack on Iran can have similar consequences. In fact, military attack can strengthen Islamic Republic vis a vis the people.

Organisation for Women’s Liberation 27th February 2007

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