India: Muslims march against terrorism

Hundreds of Muslim men, women and children held a silent march in Mumbai, stopping at each location which had been targeted by the armed attacks of what is becoming known in India as 26-11. For the first time, liberal groups such as Muslims for Secular Democracy, which called the march in the aftermath of the attacks, were joined by conservative organizations such as Jamiat-ul-Ulema under the common slogan “Killers of innocents are enemies of Islam.” Marches were also held in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi and other cities. (Times of India, Dec. 8)

The mobilization came two days after the anniversary of the Ayodhya attacks. The New York Times account reports that Muslim leaders “suspended the annual Dec. 6 commemoration of a 1992 riot in which Hindus destroyed a mosque, in an effort to avert communal tension.” However, the Press Trust of India reported Dec. 6 that some Muslim organizations did commemorate what they call “Youm-e-gham” or “Black Day” by raising black flags at mosques and issuing a petition to the central government demanding reconstruction of the mosque. Some 50 Hindu Mahasabha activists were also arrested as they tried to march on the Ayodhya site, as Uttar Pradesh authorities maintained a heavy security presence across the state.

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