Honduras: Resistance Front protests Porfirio Lobo’s presence at UN

The National Front of Popular Resistance and other organizations protested the participation of the Honduran de facto president, Porfirio Lobo, in the sessions of the UN General Assembly. In an open letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, the signatories state that Lobo’s presence in the forum violates the spirit of the UN resolution of June 30, 2009, which condemned the coup in Honduras. The letter points out that the resolution remains in force, and charges that political persecution and human rights abuses continue in the Central American country. The letter also states that Lobo’s government has given no guarantee for a safe return of ousted president Manuel Zelaya to Honduras. “Consequently, we reject the presence of Mr. Lobo in this forum, set up to ensure democratic freedoms, fundamental freedoms and human rights,” reads the text. The letter was also signed by the Committee of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees, the Center for Women’s Rights and FIAN-Honduras. (Inside Costa Rica, Sept. 24)

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