Free speech under attack at G8 summit

We noted two weeks ago that police authorities in Edinburgh are refusing to grant permission for an anti-war march during the G8 Summit scheduled for the Gleneagles resort outside the city in July. Now comes this June 10 press release from Britain’s Stop the War Coalition, noting that all protests will be barred from the area surrounding the resort:

Perth and Kinross Council have banned the protest march to the Gleneagles hotel on July 6th. They have declared the entire area surrounding the hotel to be an exclusion zone and are denying the right of peace and trade justice campaigners to protest anywhere near the summit. This is a substantial attack on the right of peaceful protest. Stop the War Coalition is determined that this decision be overturned.

Next Tuesday we will hold a press conference at the House of Commons to outline our plans in the light of these new developments. Chris Nineham from Stop the War said today, ‘ This is reminiscent of Hyde Park on Febuary 15th 2003. Once again the authorities are trying to deny freedom of expression. Most people in Britain are against the war in Iraq, most people disagree with the priorities of the G8. How can they stop us protesting? The decision of the local council has created a serious and dangerous situation. It is in everyone’s interest that we resolve this as soon as possible.’

At the press conference will be:

Alec Salmond MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Lindsey German STW
George Galloway MP

For further comment – Chris Nineham 07930536519