Ecuador’s Ecological Action group ordered closed

Saying it “has not complied with the aims for which it was created” in 1998, Ecuador’s government withdrew the legal charter of the Quito-based non-governmental organization Acci贸n Ecol贸gica, effectively ordering the group closed. The order, issued March 2 by Health Minister Caroline Chang and made public a week later, was protested by Acci贸n Ecol贸gica as “unconstitutional.”

“We are perplexed,” Acci贸n Ecol贸gica said in its statement, asserting that its mission, as defined by its charter, is “to defend natural resources, preserve a healthy environment, and defend the rights of nature.” (The move came days after Acci贸n Ecol贸gica had called for sanctions against the consortium that operates Ecuador’s trans-Andean oil pipeline, following a devastating spill in the Amazon region.)

Ecuador recently took the same action against the Latin American Association of Human Rights (ALDHU), an international NGO which had advocated on behalf of a Mexican and two Colombians who survived a Colombian military raid on a FARC guerilla base in Ecuadoran territory last year. ALDHU has moved its offices from Quito to Montevideo, Uruguay. (, Acci贸n Ecol贸gica, Quito, March 9)

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