Dominican Republic: mass deportation of Haitians

The Jesuit Service for Refugees and Migrants reports that at least 1,693 Haitians were deported from the Dominican Republic in the first four months of 2008. The mass repatriations are “almost always marked by violations of the migrants’ human rights,” the group said, noting that some immigrants reported that soldiers released the Haitians who could afford to pay bribes. (Adital, May 9)

From Weekly News Update on the Americas, May 11

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  1. has anybody stop to think
    i don’t condome the abuse of any human being for i have been abuse by one of the biggest countries in this world which is the us. i have also been a victim of racism for im biracial domonican and black american decent. but has anybody stop to think that the dominican republic’s economy as it is tight now running on thin ice. it is growing but to have a massive flow of haitians enter the dominican republic would devastate the country’s economic growth for certain. no to mention that the majority of haitians in the dominican republic have came accross the border illegally and are trying by any means to remain on dominican soil. i understand there is a need, but to what extend should the dominican republic let haitians enter their country.