Colombia: guerillas kill campesinos?

According to the “Joel Sierra” Regional Human Rights Committee Foundation, “armed opposition groups” are believed responsible for a number of recent murders of civilians in Colombia’s eastern department of Arauca. The killings include the Nov. 29 murder of campesinos Edgar Marin Munoz, Pablo Tulio Bautista Jimenez and Fernando Vega in the rural community of El Vigia in Tame municipality; the Dec. 10 murder of Elsa Yaneth Martinez Miranda in the rural community of Brisas de Caranal, in Arauquita municipality; and the Dec. 12 abduction and murder of campesino Hector Villamizar Becerra from the rural community of El Botalon, in Tame. On Dec. 10, 11-year-old Natalia Munoz Ramos was wounded by a bullet in the urban center of Arauquita; it is not known who was responsible for the shooting. (Fundacion Comite Regional de Derechos Humanos “Joel Sierra,” Dec. 14)

From Weekly News Update on the Americas, Dec. 17

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