Clash with Ontario Provincial Police at Mohawk-occupied quarry

The Ontario Provincial Police are investigating a reported assault on two officers at the disputed Culbertson Land Tract quarry near Deseronto, which is under occupation by Mohawk protesters. Sgt. Kristine Rae, spokesperson for Eastern Region OPP headquarters, said the assault occurred during a visit to the occupied site by members of the OPP’s Major Event Liaison Team.

“At approximately 8 o’clock last night two plainclothes MELT members went to the quarry to speak with the elders,” Rae said Wednesday. “As the officers approached they were confronted by some of the people in attendance and assaulted.” She said there were no injuries, but “the unmarked cruiser did sustain some minor damage.” (Belleville Intelligener, Ontario, Jan. 31)

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory leader Shawn Brant, who launched the occupation of the quarry, is already facing charges in organizing blockades of highways and rail lines in last year’s June 29 Aboriginal Day of Action. (Belleville Intelligencer, Jan. 3)

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  1. Mohawks block roads in Ontario
    Dozens of protesters from Bay of Quinte in Ontario’s Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory erected barricades across acounty road in Deseronto, blocking an intersection with an old RV to prevent workers from Nibourg Developments from breaking ground on a planned housing project in the Culbertson Tract. “They want to make sure that any other development does not return to this land,” said spokesman Dan Doreen. “This is Mohawk land and developers, you better stay the hell away.” (CBC, April 21)