AIPAC officials to face charges

Reuters: The plot in the Pentagon analyst/AIPAC scandal is about to thicken:

U.S. prosecutors plan to announce additional charges on Thursday against a Defense Department analyst accused of illegally disclosing classified defense information, and to charge two former officials of a pro-Israel lobbying group, government sources said.

The additional charges involve Lawrence Franklin, a Pentagon analyst already accused of giving the information to two former employees of the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the two sources said.

They said prosectors planned to announce charges against Steve Rosen, formerly AIPAC’s policy director, and Keith Weissman, formerly its senior analyst.

Inquiring minds want to know. Is this one of the regular spankings Israel gets, or is this an initial move towards a scaling down of “the special relationship”?

Hope roots for the latter, caution and history suggest the former.

We’ll see.

g.a.evildoer a-t

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