Afghanistan: US solider killed in Pakistan border clash

A US and Pakistani soldier are purported to have been killed [May 14] after meeting Pakistani troops near the Afghan border. NATO announced that two of its soldiers, as well as two civilian employees, were injured in the incident. [BBC, May 14] [In Pakistan,] at least 24 people have been killed, and 25 to 30 wounded, in a bomb blast at a Peshawar hotel. [The Guardian, May 15]

From Security Briefs, May 15

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  1. Al-Qaeda claims Peshawar blast
    From Security Briefs, May 18:

    Messages left by the suicide bombers who attacked a hotel in the Pakistani city of Peshawar earlier this week have led Pakistani investigators to trace responsibility for the blasts to a little known group called “The Base of Holy War from the place of Khurasan”, or “Al-Qaida in Afghanistan.” [AFP, May 18]