Afghanistan: fund drive for RAWA orphanages

One of the real signs of hope in Afghanistan is that the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), until recently active only in the refugee camps in Pakistan, has been able to establish an open presence in the country. Forced underground and into exile by the Taliban and Mujahedeen warlords decades ago, RAWA is now running a network of small shelters for Afghanistan’s many war orphans where equality between the genders and progressive values are fostered. RAWA is seeking donations in a year-end fund drive for this initiative, and we urge our readers to participate.

Dear Supporter:

RAWA are helping to bring very poor and often homeless girls and boys off of the streets in Afghanistan and give them a chance for a brighter future. The shelters are run like a family home; a local husband and wife care for the children and make sure they have a warm bed, warm and clean clothing, regular meals, and a place to call home. Your help will enable RAWA to further help the neediest of Afghan children, by providing them with an environment of love, tolerance and respect for others. Not only will you providing these children with a brighter future, you will helping to provide them with the skills they need help build a modern and peaceful Afghanistan.

Sponsor a Child TODAY

You can sponsor a child today and communicate with that child via e-mail on regular basis. CharityHelp International the and Afghan Women’s Mission has teamed with RAWA to bring low-cost commuication technology to each orphange and enable them to send messages including pictures to you via the internet. Sponsors can see where their money is being spent; orphans can see that someone cares about them and is interested in their well-being and future. Over time, we hope that you will develop a real realationship with your sponsored child.

To sponsor a child now, please click on this link:

One-Time Donation

It costs an average of $141 (USD) to bring a child from homelessness to warmth and shelter. Due to our low cost Internet-based operation, we are able to send $.92 out of every dollar directly to RAWA for your child’s care including immunizations, medical check-ups, shelter, food, clothing, and education. Join us today! Follow this link to help one child leave the streets of Afghanistan:

Thank you,

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