A message from Judith Mahoney Pasternak

Dear Friends,

From the perspective of three decades-plus in the progressive media, I’m writing to let you know what an incredibly important resource World War 4 Report is—and why we need to support it now if we want it to continue.

Five years ago, Bill Weinberg—one of the finest journalists working in the left press today—looked at the new era of permanent war and asked himself, what do activists need to help defeat the Bush agenda? The answer he came up with was, a readily accessible, timely, hard-hitting digest of all the news the mainstream media don’t see fit to publish about that agenda and its operations. Then he made that answer a reality with World War 4 Report, the free, online journal and news digest you’ve been reading since September 2001.

Because it’s online, it is, indeed, readily accessible—as witness all of you who access it on a regular basis to check out the news you can’t get anywhere else. But because it’s free, Bill and his dedicated crew of fellow-journalists who produce this unparalleled wealth of information get no salaries and have to support the work some other way.

You’re that way. To put it as simply as possible, World War 4 Report needs your contributions to survive. Bill and the WW4 staff would love to be able to produce the report as a labor of love, but their pesky capitalist landlords keep demanding the rent, and even brilliant journalists need to eat. So if the report is to continue, it needs your support—today.

Work with us! Become a Supporter today with a $50 contribution, and receive a signed copy of Bill’s new mini-book Petro-Imperialism: the Global War on Terrorism and the Struggle for the Planet’s Oil, as well as the latest from our pamphlet series, Iraq’s Civil Resistance Speaks, Pt. 3. Or become a Friend with a contribution of $25 and get just Petro-Imperialism. Or, for a contribution of $15, become a Comrade and receive just the pamphlet. Or give what you can and know that you’re helping an important resource survive. But please, contribute today, as generously as you can, and keep World War 4 Report right here, for all of us.


Judith Mahoney Pasternak

Longtime journalist with WBAI, The Guardian Newsweekly (US), and War Resisters League

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