[WW 4 REPORT] Dear Readers

Dear Readers:

Welcome to the new issue of World War 4 Report. We wish to draw your attention to a couple of small changes.

First, we have finally got the comments function fixed on our weblog. So please feel free to add your thoughts, critcisms, annotations, etc. There are a few minor hoops to jump through to prevent spam posts, but we hope they are not too burdensome.

Secondly, please note that we’ve added a new line to our kicker, to better reflect our mission, which has morphed somewhat since we first began publishing in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. We have always been concerned with issues of indigenous peoples, stateless ethnicities and cultural survival, but this is becoming a larger part of what we cover. Hence, we are no longer simply “Deconstructing the War on Terrorism,” but also “Defending the Fourth World.” (What we mean by this is explained in our mission statement.)

So please participate in our weblog, and let us know what you think of our evolving direction. As always, donations are greatly appreciated–and urgently needed.


Bill Weinberg

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