Dear World War 4 Report Readers:

We are one-fourth of the way to our necessary winter fund-drive goal of $2,000. Unfortunately, the carnage in Gaza is making all too clear that our mission continues even as it seems likely that the incoming Obama administration will (at least) drop the nomenclature of the “Global War on Terrorism.” So too, despite the lack of media coverage, do the ongoing US air-strikes on Pakistan’s tribal territories.

When we launched our fund-drive a month ago, we appealed to each of our readers to give something, even if it is only ten dollars. The number who have responded is:


Obviously, these six have given considerably more than ten dollars. We don’t expect all of our readers to give as much as they have. But we do need our readers to support us if we are to continue our work. Once again, if each of our readers will give even ten dollars, we will make our goal. But that means each one of you, not just the ones who have come through for us every time we have asked for money since our inception in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. And, please, not later—but now.

Once again, those of you who gave $25 or more last year are already on the list to receive the new addition in our pamphlet series, Petro-Imperialism: the Global War on Terrorism and the Struggle for the Planet’s Oil, which is now in production, and will include an analysis of the Obama cabinet. If you didn’t give $25 last year, this is your opportunity to get it hot off the presses.

We believe that we bring critical voices to bear in the issues we cover that even the rest of the left and alternative press overlook: the civil resistance in Iraq, the independent labor movement in Iran, the Palestinian village land-defense struggles on the West Bank, the Israeli anti-war and anti-occupation movement, the citizen peace initiatives in Colombia, the indigenous and campesino organizations of Mexico, Chiapas and Central America. In the media cacophony and the gazillions of blogs, these are the voices which are not heard. Please help us continue to be the voice of the voiceless. Please give something today.

Thank you, shukran and gracias,

Bill Weinberg

Editor, World War 4 Report

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