Dear WW4 REPORT Readers:

Dear WW4 REPORT Readers:

We hate to extend our winter fund drive into the first month of spring, but we really do have to at least make our first thousand before we call it off. We are $200 short. The only reason we ask for this money is because we need it to stay alive.

If you understand why it is vital at this moment to bring the voices of Iran’s revolutionary left opposition to stateside readers, please support us. If you see the imperative to bring the perspectives of Algeria’s sufis to the debate over Islam and globalization, please do your part. If you appreciate our exacting coverage of US legal strategies against the Colombian guerillas, help keep us alive. Nobody else is doing this work.

Once again, we will be doing another print run of our pamphlet series, so all donations of $10 or more will get you some printed-page intellectual stimulation in the mail. We would rather get ten-dollar donations from 20 of our readers than a single check for $200.

We are working out our technical glitches. The weblog is now being updated daily, with consice, informative reports on Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Colombia, Chiapas, Oaxaca and lots more. We hope to have the comments function back on soon—please bear with us.

We again urgently appeal to you to allow us to continue this work! Please send something TODAY.
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Thank you for your support. We really can’t do it without you.

Bill Weinberg

March 1, 2007