World Court to review Kosova’s independence?

The UN General Committee, which sets the agenda for the General Assembly, voted unanimously Sept. 18 to approve a Serbian resolution calling for a review of Kosova’s declared independence. The resolution, opposed by the US and UK, next goes before the General Assembly. If approved there, Kosova’s independence would go before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

But Serbia acknowledged it will be difficult to muster a majority in the General Assembly, and the question may not even be put to a vote until next year. “Serbia has won an important battle, but not the war,” said Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic. “We have a chance, I think we can be successful, but it’s still too early for jubilation.” The US and most European Union countries have recognized Kosova’s independence despite Belgrade’s opposition. A total of 47 countries worldwide have so far recognised Kosova. (AKI, Sept. 18)

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